Before and After, and another update: Twins Bedroom


Here are photos of my 4 year old twins bedroom, you may have seen them already on Apartment Therapy.

As much as I love this room, unfortunately little kids grow up and so we have to change with them. So I am making plans for a new ‘big girl’ room.

Funny that I was so adamant that I wouldn’t bow to the pressure and make a pink girls bedroom. However, I am finding myself pushing for it – mainly because then all the pink toys, presents, dolls etc that will also be in the room will match.


I am thinking of purchasing bunk beds that can also be used as two twin beds. It seems to be the most sensible purchase to ensure we will always have enough room for the girls wherever we live. And then we could have another bed in the room if #3 ever feels like she is left out by sleeping in a room on her own.

Just changing the curtains and throw pillows gives the room a whole new feeling. I’m quite excited about getting this project underway, as are the twins who have already decided that they are BOTH sleeping in the top bunk!

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