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Apricot and Raisin Cookies


Are you in the mood for some delicious, chewy, cinnamonny cookies that you can pretend are vaguely healthy?


If you’re like me, the answer to that question is always YES!


I opened the cupboard and realised I didn’t have any oats. NO OATS?! Finding a recipe for a chewy raisin cookie without oats is very difficult. However I got one over on Joy of Baking.


Some important changes to their recipe:

Firstly, chop up some dried apricots. Eat a few. Yum!


Second, plump your raisins. To do this you simply put them in a bowl of hot water for around 10mins. If you want to make them more delicious, add some golden syrup to the hot water.


Thirdly, double the suggested amount of cinnamon. Then, for the final chewy, sweet step, add two tablespoons of golden syrup.


Fight off the kids and lick the bowl and spoon all by yourself!