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Crushing on pink


Four weeks ago I felt super silly spending $5 on a bunch of sticks at Trader Joes. But they have since blossomed and they are just so beautiful. The colour is picking up some of the other tiny touches of pink in the same room, to suddenly create a new feeling.






Cherry Blossoms. I am in love!

I see a darkness

I was just looking at the blog of this floral designer SAIPUA. She has such a beautiful way of arranging flowers, decadent, abundant, romantic. But I think the wonderful thing is that they seem to embrace decay, as  if the older the flowers get, the more they droop, the more petals that fall, the more wonderful the arrangement will look.

They look like an old masters still life.

Looking at these makes me realise that my personal aesthetic is the opposite of this. I am always striving to make things lighter, brighter, crisper, cleaner! I sound like a laundry detergent. I would never aim for something as soft, subtle and moody as this. Perhaps I should look at bringing back some ambiguity, decay, chiaroscuro, mess. I always remember my high school art teacher telling me that “true beauty is flawed”.

Time for some Johnny Cash.

Lovely Ladybugs

Do you ever sing this rhyme to a ladybird?

“Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are all alone.”

Heartbreaking, what a tragedy!


Interesting how this particular beetle is always associated with being female. Is it because she’s so pretty? Is that the one thing that people all over the world associate with females?

I just read that the Ladybug is most likely named after the Virgin Mary (Our Lady), with other European names referencing norse fertility goddesses. So this bug is not only female, but always a mother too.

No wonder everyone loves a lovely ladybug!

Shame about what happened to her children.

Late Fall Weather


The weather today is cool and crisp, but the sun is strong and warming. I hope I don’t sound cheesy, but it’s so life affirming. It  makes me daydream that I am roaming my country estate, checking on the animals and strolling through the woods.

Instead we went to the neighbourhood park.  I am wearing my new Hunter gumboots so at least my feet are living the dream!


Flowers, stuffed toys and Volkswagens.

I was just browsing over at Design Mom and came across this post on these giant peony paintings by Thomas Darnell, and also some discussion on least-liked flowers


Gorgeous, huh? It got me thinking. I just adore peony’s with their masses of soft pillowy petals, but somehow I also find it a bit embarrassing that I like them. They are so incredibly girly it’s like admitting that you sleep in a frilly pink bedroom filled with stuffed toys.

Least favourite flowers are easy. Gerberas in fake hues are tacky, and unfortunately whenever I see a ‘new’ Volkswagen Beetle I think of them, and will strain my neck to look in their car and see if they have the flower in the vase or not. And if they do, I feel a little sad.


There’s nothing lovelier than sitting outside as the sun is setting after a delicious meal. In this case, Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden, and Villa Manadori Balsamic Vinegar, the most amazing balsamic ever. Really.



The light coming through this tree is so warm and fuzzy. The only issue with it being so nice, is that I have another glass of wine as an excuse to keep sitting there. To paraphrase Milli Vanilli, Blame it on the Sunset, yeh, yeh.