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DIY Paper Flower Garland


Today I’m sharing with you a little craft project I whipped up a while ago. It’s super easy and quite satisfying – mainly because it’s quick and impactful.


To start, you’ll need a few sheets of tissue paper. I used some from the Target Dollar section (my favourite place!) and didn’t even bother to unfold it. I just traced circles onto the folded sheet, then cut them out, making the edges a little curvy with my scissors.

I grouped them into in piles of around 12 pieces, and stapled them together through the middle.


Then I scrunched the top layer into a flower formation, and continued to fold each sheet underneath until I had a reasonably convincing flower, leaving the last sheet of tissue flat.


Paper Flower Garland

That’s it! You could then stick each half of the flower together to create a pom pom, or leave as is. Obviously, you can make these in any size you like. You’ll just need more tissue paper for bigger flowers.


I sticky taped each flower onto a piece of raffia, and made little washi tape pennants to punctuate the space between.

There’s not too much room to go wrong with this project, no glue, no fiddly parts and no craft skills necessary!

My home featured on

Exciting news today! My home and family are featured on one of my favourite websites/apps

HouzzHouzz is an excellent resource for anyone looking to remodel their home, or simply browse thousands of gorgeous house photos. But be warned, you can easily lose a few hours when you are immersed in the site!

We were super lucky to have Houzz send the very talented  Hoi Ning Wong to come and photograph us. Having the house professionally photographed was a total treat, but also extremely stressful – Having everything clean and orderly at the same time was a mammoth task! (I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret, it’s not normally quite so tidy. Ssh don’t tell anyone.)

Check out the article on Houzz here and if you could possibly want to see even more of our house, you can see my photos on Houzz here.

PS. Do you love that we requested Hoi to photograph us next to our car?!!! Had to get it in there somehow! Ha!

DIY: Reupholstering an Ottoman

DIY upholster ottoman
I picked up this neon pink upholstered ottoman from Target, deeply discounted at $5. I figured no one else had bought it because it was blindingly pink – but it’s a very useful piece of furniture: A seat, storage and softness all in one. Perfect for our playroom!


I thought I would be able to easily bleach the neon pink into a softer shade, but after spending two days in a bucket of bleach it emerged cleaner and brighter than ever! I would have to get crafty.

So I grabbed a leftover piece of fabric from my stockpile (a friend once told me that women stash fabric scraps, the way men hoard pieces of wood – all of us believing they will be useful at some point!)

I cut it into a circle (OK! not quite a circle. Not even close.)


And used a staple gun to secure it all the way around. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric and made the edges nice and neat. All of this took around 10 minutes and I have to say was extremely satisfying!

Job done! High fives all round.

DSC_0585And then because it was so easy I decided to whip up some matching pillows out of the leftover fabric, using iron-on tape and some stuffing out of an old throw pillow. That part wasn’t quite as easy or satisfying as using a staple gun, but not too hard.

Now the playroom looks a little more like it has a theme and it’s not just a room full of toys and junk. Yay!



Before and After: Kitchen

Here I have some before and after photos of our kitchen remodel. The previous kitchen was still quite functional, but it was dated and dark. I had always dreamed of an all-white kitchen with a farmhouse sink next to a bay window, and so I’m very happy to report that my wish came true.

As you may have seen in my previous post about the dining room, the kitchen was closed off from dining and lounge room.

We opted to keep a small wall above the counter and a little L-shaped return facing the family room, to keep the kitchen contained rather than completely open plan. Open plan is great for people who don’t make a lot of mess and don’t really cook. We are not those people.


We opted for an all white colour scheme with light blue accents. I like that when we tire of this colour it’s very easy to update the look of the kitchen simply with some new counter stools and dishes.

I opted for cabinets rather than open shelving above. I think the glass fronts keep the cabinets feeling light, whilst providing lots of storage and keeping the dishes clean and dust free.

I would have loved to have a Butlers Pantry as we have a lot of kitchen appliances, however we didn’t have the room, nor am I likely to ever have a butler of any kind! So we made the bottom shelf of the large double-door pantry a dedicated appliance area – where juicers, blenders, sandwich presses and so forth could be permanently used without being on display. Continuing the Silestone counters into this area makes clean up easy.

The kitchen bay window looks out onto our kitchen garden, full of herbs and vegetables. We replaced a solid door with a glass one to help feel that the garden was easily accessible, and to allow the morning sun to stream through.

One other thing we did was to continue the kitchen cabinetry around the corner in the living room, with two small shallow cupboards.  I don’t know where open-plan people keep all this sort of stuff, but I knew we needed somewhere to store all the clutter that ends up in the kitchen. I am so glad all these hair clips, tissues boxes and pens are not on our counter top!


And there it is! I hope you approve.

DIY Washi Tape Mouse Pad

washi tape mouse pad

Here is a 2 minute update for your desk. We could call it a mini desk makeover, but really, it’s just putting some sticky tape on something that was lying around the house.


One day I looked down at what was underneath my mouse, and realised just how dirty and gross it was. And although a new mouse pad isn’t exactly going to break the bank, I didn’t feel the need to rush out and buy a new one.


So I peeled off the existing pink fabric that was stuck to the foam. Then stuck on the washi tape. NOT VERY HARD! To get varying thicknesses, I did some colours twice in a row, matching up the patterns.


And there it is! Colourful, clean and easy to do.

Before and After, and another update: Twins Bedroom


Here are photos of my 4 year old twins bedroom, you may have seen them already on Apartment Therapy.

As much as I love this room, unfortunately little kids grow up and so we have to change with them. So I am making plans for a new ‘big girl’ room.

Funny that I was so adamant that I wouldn’t bow to the pressure and make a pink girls bedroom. However, I am finding myself pushing for it – mainly because then all the pink toys, presents, dolls etc that will also be in the room will match.


I am thinking of purchasing bunk beds that can also be used as two twin beds. It seems to be the most sensible purchase to ensure we will always have enough room for the girls wherever we live. And then we could have another bed in the room if #3 ever feels like she is left out by sleeping in a room on her own.

Just changing the curtains and throw pillows gives the room a whole new feeling. I’m quite excited about getting this project underway, as are the twins who have already decided that they are BOTH sleeping in the top bunk!

Design Mom and Apartment Therapy

blogsExciting times! Today you can see my Living with Kids Home Tour over on Design Mom (who is completely amazing, she runs a beautiful blog, founded Alt Summit AND has six kids. SIX!)

And if that’s not enough excitement, coincidentally the Twins bedroom is also featured on Apartment Therapy today. YAY!

Stay tuned for the before-and-after of our dining room, it will be posted first thing tomorrow. There are a few ways to remember to visit, you can enter your email on the box on the side, or follow with Bloglovin, or just by using your brain. I personally wouldn’t rely on the last one!

Crushing on pink


Four weeks ago I felt super silly spending $5 on a bunch of sticks at Trader Joes. But they have since blossomed and they are just so beautiful. The colour is picking up some of the other tiny touches of pink in the same room, to suddenly create a new feeling.






Cherry Blossoms. I am in love!

How to Hang an Eclectic Gallery


Here is a guide to making a gallery wall that doesn’t require any measuring. Yay for that!


I wanted to hang some of our great family photos but kept baulking at the cost of buying a new set of matching frames. Then I cleaned out a cupboard and realised that I already owned a LOT of frames (Some that I bought at a garage sale in Bondi over 12 years ago, which have since travelled the world… that is some problem hoarding!). I was planning on spray painting all these frames the same colour, but once I got them all out I realised that I liked the eclectic effect.


With three little kids I have a window of around 2 hours to get things done, so I needed to get this project on the wall, fast! The easiest solution I came up with was to map out the size of the wall with paper. (I was going to say newspaper, but really, who has those lying around the house anymore?!)


Then I laid the paper out on the floor and arranged my frames. Starting with the big frames and filling in the spaces with the small frames, I didn’t stick to any kind of grid, but I kept the same space between each frame.


I traced around each frame, then sticky taped the paper back on the wall.


Starting with the bigger frames again, I ripped holes in the paper to place the hooks, then hung each picture as I went to make sure they actually looked good.



And voila! Photos on the wall without any measuring or messing around. Faster than you can say “Mummmmmy I’m hungrrrrry!”


Holiday Decorating


I am a little sad that the holiday season is nearly over and that it means I have to pack up my holiday decorations. I just love making the house look fun and different, and now we just have to live through the rest of January and February being cold and miserable with not much to cheer us up. Boo.



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Furniture Makeover – Before and After



Here’s another fun furniture makeover for you. And when I say ‘fun’ I only mean it for you… this project was a total pain! It took days to paint these, the overspray from the paint went all over our garage and was a huge clean up job. The brass handles were incredibly difficult to clean up and then I ended up deciding they just didn’t look good so I spent all those hours for nothing.



But now it’s all over I am so thrilled with how they turned out. I couldn’t justify the price of brand new nightstands and I really liked the functionality of these – two huge drawers to store all the clutter that would otherwise sit on the floor.


They look so smart with their double-breasted buttons on!

Hardware from Anthropologie. Red jewellery boxes from Target.

Furniture Makeover – Before and After

I just love looking at any kind of Before and After – houses, furniture, gardens, weight loss…even plastic surgery! I just love seeing the big reveal and then passing judgement on whether they did a good job or not. Yes, of course I get all judgey, that’s the fun part!

Today I’m sharing with you a desk we overhauled (well, when I say ‘we’, I have to admit my husband did most of the hard work of spraying several coats over a week). It was $5 at a garage sale and now makes a great change table, and potentially a lovely little space to do homework at in the future.



Painting it white is perhaps not the most creative take on this desk, but I wanted it to look good, not just take it on a train to crazy town.

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