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How to upset a typographer


To me, this reads MOWEN. I am always seeing examples of upside-down letters, most commonly it’s the number 8 when people hang their own house numbers. Do you see them too?

Still, I love to see a handcrafted sign. And that lady really looks like she needs to go.

Lake Tahoe Mini Photo Essay – Part 2


There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as roadtripping somewhere new, especially when the location feels authentic. Some of the areas around Lake Tahoe have a great vintage Americana vibe, crossed with a swiss alpine village feel.


I am a total sucker for anything with a hint of vintage. There’s nothing quite as charming as a sense of history (imagined or real!). There’s beauty in the handmade and handcrafted, simply because it is unique.




This should be their next album cover. If they still made albums. And these girls were in a band.



Isn’t that a beautiful sign? I love the type, I think I might have to turn it into a font. That E makes me swoon!



Lake Tahoe Mini Photo Essay


We were fortunate enough to have another summer vacation by Lake Tahoe. I just can’t quite believe how beautiful it is there, how clear the water is (or how cold it is!)





It’s really such an amazing place. On one hand I feel like I’m swimming at a European Riviera, then I see the giant Redwoods and the snow capped mountains. Then I look to the side and realise that I’m swimming with a duck.


Gray Malin Photography


I just came across the wonderful photography of Gray Malin. He has such a great eye for colour and pattern. I’d love any single one of these prints in my house, just looking at them would make me feel like I’m on a holiday, don’t you agree?

Maritime Museum Art Deco Niceness

If you love a bit of art deco goodness, combined with some sea-faring jauntiness, you will love the San Francisco Maritime museum.


I have to say, as a museum it was pretty bad. Unless you are very interested in the two small boats on display. There really didn’t seem to be any information about the building or the amazing murals on the walls. So, thank you internet, for the following information.

It was originally built as a bathhouse in 1939 in the Streamline Moderne Style. (My absolute favourite style of architecture. I would love to have a Streamline house. On the water. One day!). The painted murals inside were created by  Hilaire Hiler whilst Sargent Johnson designed the tile mural and the carved entrance.

There was an amazing circular room with a breathtaking coloured ceiling, however I couldn’t get a photo as there was a seniors Tai Chi class being held (slightly random) but some research has revealed it’s called the Prismatarium. The whole building would be an amazing spot to hold a party, or a wedding.

Gushy love for my favourite cookbook

A cookbook that has held the title of ‘Favourite’ for well over a year now, is Bill Granger’s Everyday Asian. I just love this book. It may not be the most authentic, but it has a good selection of my favourite Asian and psuedo Australian-Asian dishes.



The recipes are easy and use regular pantry ingredients.



And the photography! I love it so! Such lovely, light-filled, colourful shots that take classic greasy spoon decor to a modern and chic place.

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Dogs in Cars

I just came across this great photo series by Martin Usborne, Dogs in Cars. (via DesignSponge)

I was once left in a car at a young age. I don’t know when or where or for how long, possibly at the age of four, perhaps outside a supermarket, probably for fifteen minutes only. The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back. The fear I felt was strong: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever.

I think this is such an evocative and true insight.

Aren’t these such emotion laden photos? And the lighting and colour schemes are beautiful. I think they’re brilliant. Of course, I think I might also be quite partial to them because there are so many vintage Mercedes in the shots.

Celebrating Chinese New Year


As I have Chinese New Year on the brain, I had a quick look through my photo collection for CNY themed shots. (Forgive me if that banner doesn’t say anything about CNY, I can’t read it. But the colours and details are amazing!)

I particularly loved seeing people bringing home their CNY trees on the back of their bicycles.


Because I can be an old grumpy Nanna, I did not care much for people in Hanoi letting off fireworks whilst riding around on their motorbikes. They made me one very edgy pedestrian! Kids these days! Sheesh.

Lovely Ladybugs

Do you ever sing this rhyme to a ladybird?

“Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are all alone.”

Heartbreaking, what a tragedy!


Interesting how this particular beetle is always associated with being female. Is it because she’s so pretty? Is that the one thing that people all over the world associate with females?

I just read that the Ladybug is most likely named after the Virgin Mary (Our Lady), with other European names referencing norse fertility goddesses. So this bug is not only female, but always a mother too.

No wonder everyone loves a lovely ladybug!

Shame about what happened to her children.

Let’s Go Bowling! Now!

We went to a bowling alley on the weekend. In summary… it. was. amazing. I felt like I’d stepped into the 1970s.





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Colours Photography Series – Yellow

This is my favourite in the Colours series. I’m thinking of hanging it on my dark grey wall in the dining room, I think it would look amazing.