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Be Right Back


Hi Guys. It’s been a while. A year in fact. It’s taken me a whole year to realise that I haven’t, and am not likely to, update the blog. Life gets busy and the poor blogs suffer.

I’m proud to say that there’s been 50,000 of you poking around here and that I own ‘GNOME HATS’ on Google and Pinterest. Who would have thought so many of you were thinking about gnome hats? I hope all your DIY hats turned out ok.

I’ll post again soon… one day. In the meantime, eat some cake, decorate some houses and make cute kids costumes!

Craft Fail Cookies


Have you ever checked out I can spend less than 30secs on that site before I’m crying with laughter. Check out my tribute below!

CraftFail Cookies

For some reason half of our batch of cookies turned into large blobs! Fortunately the cookies with choc chips remained perfect and could be decorated beautifully by my husband.


Some of the blob cookies were reappropriated into ‘sand’ for the Fishing Princess Cake. Other globule cookies were eaten by kids who didn’t seem to care what they looked like, although I did have a few kids lodge complaints about the lack of frosting. Note for next time: Frost them and pretend they are jellyfish.

Not a total loss!

Ranunculus Niceness


Here are some flowers that my friend Amy arranged. Aren’t they lovely? What a great colour scheme.


Did you know that Dahlia’s were once known as Georgina’s? And the name Ranunculus is Latin for “little frog”. This probably refers to many species being found near water, like frogs. Ranunculus is such a great word. Just type it out a few times. Ranunculus ranunculus ranunculus.


Very nice!



Gold Gold Gold!

I am in the midst of a complete crush on the colour gold. I just can’t get enough of the brassy, warm, brushed, shiny, sunny goodness. Here are some photos I’ve been drooling over from the blog at Caitlin Wilson (who I also have a massive fan crush on and own a few too many of her cushions.)

Late Fall Weather


The weather today is cool and crisp, but the sun is strong and warming. I hope I don’t sound cheesy, but it’s so life affirming. It  makes me daydream that I am roaming my country estate, checking on the animals and strolling through the woods.

Instead we went to the neighbourhood park.  I am wearing my new Hunter gumboots so at least my feet are living the dream!


Martha Stewart

By coincidence, I am currently reading Martha Stewart’s Entertaining, her first ever publication and also the Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster. (Well, actually I only got a third of the way through this. She’s definitely no Martha.)

I really do respect Martha Stewart. I remembering reading an article (Wish I could remember where! Maybe it was in Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg which by the way, I loved.) contrasting Martha and Oprah as America’s dominant females, and how they relate to their audience. To paraphrase badly, Oprah behaves as the listening, supportive best friend, whereas Martha acts as the perfect, know-it-all older sister. I love that Martha issues directives, telling you exactly how you should do something, without any embarrassment or worry that you might not like her. Which is no small thing for a female.


I love Martha’s absolute confidence that there are many people out there who might need to cook a Summer Omelette Brunch Outdoors for 60.  Or that absolutely everyone knows what Roquefort grapes are. (Don’t you know?!) 

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There’s nothing lovelier than sitting outside as the sun is setting after a delicious meal. In this case, Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes and basil from our garden, and Villa Manadori Balsamic Vinegar, the most amazing balsamic ever. Really.



The light coming through this tree is so warm and fuzzy. The only issue with it being so nice, is that I have another glass of wine as an excuse to keep sitting there. To paraphrase Milli Vanilli, Blame it on the Sunset, yeh, yeh.