More Gold – Edible this time!

Continuing my obsession with gold, what better way to use than to eat it?! I already have hundreds of ideas on how to use edible gold leaf  to make food look sparkly, special and fancy. What about gold leaf dumplings for CNY? Or some shiny gold heart candy for Valentines Day?


This is the most decadent looking cake. Oreo Olallieberry Chocolate Layer Cake. I’m not to sure about the cake (surely I’m not the only person never to have heard of an Olallieberry?) but the chocolate ganache poured over the top looks amazing and reasonably achievable.


What lovely examples of how to make the prettiest, most delicate little treat, even prettier.

Via Pinterest

Gold lollipops, yes! Via Esty

I am aware this strays very much into Douche Burger territory. But where is the tipping point, does gold leaf get a bad rap just because it sounds more expensive, and therefore wasteful, than say, sesame seeds? Here’s the philosophical question for the day: Is the desire to decorate and make things pretty a wasteful pastime for housewives, or is it part of a human beings calling to beautify life?

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