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DIY Paper Flower Garland


Today I’m sharing with you a little craft project I whipped up a while ago. It’s super easy and quite satisfying – mainly because it’s quick and impactful.


To start, you’ll need a few sheets of tissue paper. I used some from the Target Dollar section (my favourite place!) and didn’t even bother to unfold it. I just traced circles onto the folded sheet, then cut them out, making the edges a little curvy with my scissors.

I grouped them into in piles of around 12 pieces, and stapled them together through the middle.


Then I scrunched the top layer into a flower formation, and continued to fold each sheet underneath until I had a reasonably convincing flower, leaving the last sheet of tissue flat.


Paper Flower Garland

That’s it! You could then stick each half of the flower together to create a pom pom, or leave as is. Obviously, you can make these in any size you like. You’ll just need more tissue paper for bigger flowers.


I sticky taped each flower onto a piece of raffia, and made little washi tape pennants to punctuate the space between.

There’s not too much room to go wrong with this project, no glue, no fiddly parts and no craft skills necessary!