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DIY: Reupholstering an Ottoman

DIY upholster ottoman
I picked up this neon pink upholstered ottoman from Target, deeply discounted at $5. I figured no one else had bought it because it was blindingly pink – but it’s a very useful piece of furniture: A seat, storage and softness all in one. Perfect for our playroom!


I thought I would be able to easily bleach the neon pink into a softer shade, but after spending two days in a bucket of bleach it emerged cleaner and brighter than ever! I would have to get crafty.

So I grabbed a leftover piece of fabric from my stockpile (a friend once told me that women stash fabric scraps, the way men hoard pieces of wood – all of us believing they will be useful at some point!)

I cut it into a circle (OK! not quite a circle. Not even close.)


And used a staple gun to secure it all the way around. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric and made the edges nice and neat. All of this took around 10 minutes and I have to say was extremely satisfying!

Job done! High fives all round.

DSC_0585And then because it was so easy I decided to whip up some matching pillows out of the leftover fabric, using iron-on tape and some stuffing out of an old throw pillow. That part wasn’t quite as easy or satisfying as using a staple gun, but not too hard.

Now the playroom looks a little more like it has a theme and it’s not just a room full of toys and junk. Yay!