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Fishing Princess Cake


My little girls loves princesses (no surprise) and fishing (surprise!). My husband had the bright idea of hosting a party for her at a Trout Farm. I had a lot of misgivings about it (quite possibly stemming from the fact that it wasn’t my idea) but it turned out to be a really fun day and the kids had a fantastic time. Plus, the kids ate what they’d caught for dinner, which was a really lovely lesson about where food comes from.

Fishing Princess Cake

We had a few thoughts around different kinds of fish-themed cakes, but settled on the princess as a way of bringing her other interests to the table (literally! AHA so punny!). I’d seen a lot of ombre mermaid themed cakes on Pintrest and wanted to have a go. I divided the white fondant into three different lumps – two small lumps for white and dark teal, and one large aqua tinted lump. Kneading the colours into the fondant was actually quite fun and therapeutic.

I looked around to see what I could use to cut the circles for the scales and an Advil measuring cup was sitting on the sink, so I used that! It was actually a good size.  I rolled out some white, aqua and teal fondant and cut out the circles I needed. Then to make the ombre I just mixed some of the remaining fondant together to get the perfect blend, and cut out more circles.


My husband had the clever idea to use a piece of string to measure how long our fondant needed to be to make the skirt. He wrapped the string around the cake, then cut pieces to size for the arc of the top and bottom. He then laid the sting over the fondant and cut it to size. Clever man.


I also tasked my husband with the job of making the fishing rod, and he went to town. I just love the little button for the reel. He also made the happiest little fish that ever had a hook in his mouth.


Then I got my craft on and decorated the cake with seaweed, seashells and starfish. Super fun!


And there she is, our princess of the lake.

Fishing Princess Cake