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Furniture Makeover – Before and After

I just love looking at any kind of Before and After – houses, furniture, gardens, weight loss…even plastic surgery! I just love seeing the big reveal and then passing judgement on whether they did a good job or not. Yes, of course I get all judgey, that’s the fun part!

Today I’m sharing with you a desk we overhauled (well, when I say ‘we’, I have to admit my husband did most of the hard work of spraying several coats over a week). It was $5 at a garage sale and now makes a great change table, and potentially a lovely little space to do homework at in the future.

Painting it white is perhaps not the most creative take on this desk, but I wanted it to look good, not just take it on a train to crazy town.

Cleaning those brass handles took a lot of effort but I’m really pleased at how pretty they are now.