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How to Hang an Eclectic Gallery

Here is a guide to making a gallery wall that doesn’t require any measuring. Yay for that!

I wanted to hang some of our great family photos but kept baulking at the cost of buying a new set of matching frames. Then I cleaned out a cupboard and realised that I already owned a LOT of frames (Some that I bought at a garage sale in Bondi over 12 years ago, which have since travelled the world… that is some problem hoarding!). I was planning on spray painting all these frames the same colour, but once I got them all out I realised that I liked the eclectic effect.

With three little kids I have a window of around 2 hours to get things done, so I needed to get this project on the wall, fast! The easiest solution I came up with was to map out the size of the wall with paper. (I was going to say newspaper, but really, who has those lying around the house anymore?!)

Then I laid the paper out on the floor and arranged my frames. Starting with the big frames and filling in the spaces with the small frames, I didn’t stick to any kind of grid, but I kept the same space between each frame.

I traced around each frame, then sticky taped the paper back on the wall.

Starting with the bigger frames again, I ripped holes in the paper to place the hooks, then hung each picture as I went to make sure they actually looked good.

And voila! Photos on the wall without any measuring or messing around. Faster than you can say “Mummmmmy I’m hungrrrrry!”