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Healthy Fruit Balls for Kids


My friend Megan posted this recipe on Facebook recently. It sounded easy, fun and good for kids so of course I was interested!

Her recipe:

  • 250g Dates, 50g Coconut, 50g Oats, 20g Cocoa, 1TB Milk.
  • Whizz in blender, then roll into balls



As you may know, I have trouble following recipes as they are. So I added cranberries and graham crackers in addition to the above.


And then I felt like they didn’t taste naughty enough, so I added 2 teaspoons of icing sugar. Because I’m bad like that.


I can’t say I loved them, but they were a hit with the kiddos. And it was fun to see my youngest shovel piles of desiccated coconut into her mouth with her fingers.