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My home featured on

Exciting news today! My home and family are featured on one of my favourite websites/apps

HouzzHouzz is an excellent resource for anyone looking to remodel their home, or simply browse thousands of gorgeous house photos. But be warned, you can easily lose a few hours when you are immersed in the site!

We were super lucky to have Houzz send the very talented  Hoi Ning Wong to come and photograph us. Having the house professionally photographed was a total treat, but also extremely stressful – Having everything clean and orderly at the same time was a mammoth task! (I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret, it’s not normally quite so tidy. Ssh don’t tell anyone.)

Check out the article on Houzz here and if you could possibly want to see even more of our house, you can see my photos on Houzz here.

PS. Do you love that we requested Hoi to photograph us next to our car?!!! Had to get it in there somehow! Ha!