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How to make a no sew gnome hat

No sew gnome hat

Before the girls party, I googled ‘gnome hats’ to see how to make one and couldn’t find a simple, easy way to do it. So here is how I made 20 cute, gorgeous little gnome hats in an hour for about $5 total.

I went to Jo-Ann and purchased around 4yards of premium red felt (which turned out to be waaaaay too much). I would highly advise getting the nicest quality felt you can get – it’s minimal price difference and makes your end result so much better.

I measured my kids heads and decided that I needed to cut a right-angled triangle with the long side (Hypotenuse! I remember something from school, woo!) being 51cm plus a bit more for seams. I didn’t measure anything but just cut a triangle, tried it around my daughter’s head, decided it was a little small and cut a larger triangle. I then used the triangle as a template for cutting the rest of the felt.

Then run a line of hot glue down one of the short sides and carefully roll the felt into a cone shape and attach the opposite side. This is the trickiest part – but with a bit of care it’s not that hard.

I highly recommend you use a hot glue gun. They are inexpensive, small and easy to use. I’ve spent money on fabric glues but found they don’t stick. But when you are armed with a hot glue gun nothing is impossible!

Check the outside seam of the hat for any glue drips

Once the glue has cooled and dried (around 5 mins), trim the corners off the hat to make a cone shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact I preferred it when one side was longer as it made the hat sit better.

And that’s it! Cut a triangle and glue it together, then trim off the ends. Easy!

Repeat 20 times and wish you didn’t invite so many children to the party.

Add decorations if you like. I hot glued paper flowers to some of the hats.  You could add bells, or ribbons, or feathers, they would all look super cute.