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A Magic Garden 4th Birthday Party for Twins

I wanted my twins to feel like they had free choice for their birthday party to be whatever they wanted. Fortunately for me I have two girls whose interests are similar, and they are still young enough to be persuaded in a direction that I like (because that of course, is the important part!)

So when one chose a Beehive cake, and the other chose a Rainbow cake, I started to wonder about what the party theme should be. Now I know kids parties don’t have to be themed and they really couldn’t care less, but since I’m going to do the work anyway, it may as well be good.

So rainbows and bumblebees = Magic Garden party theme.

As they walked in the door all little kids were offered a gnome hat. They looked so cute! See how I made the gnome hats here.

The kids each got a watering can with treasure hunt clues inside. They had to explore the house (it was raining… the whole magic garden had to be inside… shame!) looking for little treasures like flowers, gum nuts etc. Once they had collected all the treasures they received a bottle of bubbles.

Another activity was painting little butterfly money boxes.

Guests ate cupcakes, pizza and fruit. I didn’t get into naming the foods to suit the theme… it’s a little pointless when most of the little guests can’t read!

Most importantly, the birthday girls had the BEST TIME EVER!