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Making the Australian Women’s Weekly Buzzy Beehive Cake

My 4 year old chose the Buzzy Beehive cake from her most favourite book to read: The Australian Women’s Weekly Bumper Book of Kids’ Birthday Cakes.

It was all reasonably easy to do. Actually, I found it very easy as my mum did all the work! Hah!

I had to purchase the Wilton Doll Cake tin and yellow fondant icing, so really, it might have been cheaper to buy a cake. However, it was fun. And with three little girls I’m sure I will be making a doll cake at some point in the future.

A few tips. Our cake turned out squatter than the ideal, even though we put 1.5 cake mixes in the tin. Our cake rose in a dome shape both inside and over the edge of the tin, so I had to trim a lot off the top to get a flat surface. I’m really not quite sure how to remedy this.

I had also bought 1 pack of yellow fondant, and didn’t realise until I got home that I would need 1.5 packs. So back to the store to find that there were no more yellow packs. I bought a white one and thought that it would be hard to combine the two evenly. However, after a bit of kneading it was fine and resulted in a nicer yellow colour.

Rolling the fondant into smooth, even shaped sausages was challenging, as the fondant showed every imperfection. I think it would be easier to make sure the fondant was slightly warm (just the heat from your hands would do) to help it to roll easily.

My husband decided to use the leftover fondant to make some cupcake bees, which turned out bee-autifully! (Sorry, I hope puns don’t make you break out in HIVES…whahaha)