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Maritime Museum Art Deco Niceness

If you love a bit of art deco goodness, combined with some sea-faring jauntiness, you will love the San Francisco Maritime museum.

I have to say, as a museum it was pretty bad. Unless you are very interested in the two small boats on display. There really didn’t seem to be any information about the building or the amazing murals on the walls. So, thank you internet, for the following information.

It was originally built as a bathhouse in 1939 in the Streamline Moderne Style. (My absolute favourite style of architecture. I would love to have a Streamline house. On the water. One day!). The painted murals inside were created by  Hilaire Hiler whilst Sargent Johnson designed the tile mural and the carved entrance.

There was an amazing circular room with a breathtaking coloured ceiling, however I couldn’t get a photo as there was a seniors Tai Chi class being held (slightly random) but some research has revealed it’s called the Prismatarium. The whole building would be an amazing spot to hold a party, or a wedding.