Martha Stewart

By coincidence, I am currently reading Martha Stewart’s Entertaining, her first ever publication and also the Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster. (Well, actually I only got a third of the way through this. She’s definitely no Martha.)

I really do respect Martha Stewart. I remembering reading an article (Wish I could remember where! Maybe it was in Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg which by the way, I loved.) contrasting Martha and Oprah as America’s dominant females, and how they relate to their audience. To paraphrase badly, Oprah behaves as the listening, supportive best friend, whereas Martha acts as the perfect, know-it-all older sister. I love that Martha issues directives, telling you exactly how you should do something, without any embarrassment or worry that you might not like her. Which is no small thing for a female.


I love Martha’s absolute confidence that there are many people out there who might need to cook a Summer Omelette Brunch Outdoors for 60.  Or that absolutely everyone knows what Roquefort grapes are. (Don’t you know?!) 


Then in another instance of Martha-on-the-brain I find this article about her disgusting food photo tweets. Hilarious!

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.59.59 pm

I have to give credit to her, she stands up for herself!

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