I see a darkness

I was just looking at the blog of this floral designer SAIPUA. She has such a beautiful way of arranging flowers, decadent, abundant, romantic. But I think the wonderful thing is that they seem to embrace decay, as  if the older the flowers get, the more they droop, the more petals that fall, the more wonderful the arrangement will look.

They look like an old masters still life.

Looking at these makes me realise that my personal aesthetic is the opposite of this. I am always striving to make things lighter, brighter, crisper, cleaner! I sound like a laundry detergent. I would never aim for something as soft, subtle and moody as this. Perhaps I should look at bringing back some ambiguity, decay, chiaroscuro, mess. I always remember my high school art teacher telling me that “true beauty is flawed”.

Time for some Johnny Cash.

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