KIDS, COOKING, COSTUMES & CRAFTS (...and alliteration)

Styling a CNY dinner

I took a trip to Chinatown today to prepare for Chinese New Year, and it was crazy busy. CRAZY. It was difficult to walk down the street, I started to get overwhelmed and confused about what I came for, and I got yelled at by old ladies. It felt just like being back in Jordan, in other words, I loved it!

So I’ve taken a look at what I have in the cupboard, and I think I could make a stylish Chinese New Year theme with the things I have, plus using a colour palette of red, orange, pink and yellow. And of course, white, to make it all crisp and clean and laundry detergent bright, just the way I like it.

Can you tell I’m getting a bit excited about this event? Just wait until I start cooking, I’m going to dream of dumplings until then…